Wordle: Common Core Standards in Mathematics
Wordle: Common Core State Standards 3

How will math teachers across the 44 states who have adopted the new Common Core State Mathematics Standards bring them to life? Will individual teacher's work it out in their classrooms but leave the person across the hall outside of the conversation? Will one district work toward a solutions while others struggle to find a way forward in their schools? Or, Will we take this unique opportunity of shared standards to collaborate, reflect, and innovate together? The hope of adding the little numbers "2.0" to the title of this blog is to introduce the power of personal learning networks, social media, and online tools into the conversation on the Common Core Standards. My hope is that by harnessing communication mediums like twitter (see feed at left), social bookmarking sites (like Diigo to the right), visualization tools (like Wordle used above*), and blogs (like this one!), to name only a fraction, will allow us, as math educators, to leverage the web to aid in the planning and implementation of the Common Core. 

I am eager to start talking with anyone starting to implement the common core and hope to narrate, for any interested, our path toward implementation.  This blog is intended to provide a place for a dialogue between what one small schools is doing and what all the other schools and districts are doing out there.  Let's start talking!

*These Wordles contain every word in the Common Core Mathematics Standards, and the size of the word indicates the frequency of its use.