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Algebra 1 - Common Core Resources

There is a growing number of online resources for this foundational high school course including more traditional sets of resources that are comprised of an organized set of files as well as completely online courses.  Please find below various links to these resources.  Let me know if there are others I should add!

Algebra 1 Teachers


Here is the description from this website maintained by Jeanette Stein:

"Algebra 1 Teachers is a tool that will help with Algebra 1 scope and sequence using the new Common Core State Standards. Lesson plans, assessments, activities, organization, and even tips on keeping your sanity will be addressed on this website and in my newsletter."

This is a compilation of resources from around the web as well as specific documents created by teachers do address the common core state standards.  It is organized by unit and standard to offer both resources as well as a reasonable scope and sequence for Algebra 1.

SAS Curriculum Pathways Algebra 1


Here is a brief description of this online course:

"SAS Curriculum Pathways has launched a free Algebra 1 course that provides teachers and students with all the required content to address the Common Core State Standards for Algebra. Available online, the course engages students through real-world examples, images, animations, videos and targeted feedback. Teachers can integrate individual components or use the entire course as the foundation for their Algebra 1 curriculum."

This is a complete online course for Algebra 1 designed around the Common Core State Standards. This product was not a pre-existing course adapted to common core, but is built from the standards. It can be used in its entirety or the tools and individuals lessons offered can be used individually according to course needs.


HCPS describes the purpose of this site in one quick sentence:

"On this site you will find information and resources to help you effectively implement Common Core Algebra I."  Sounds good!

This site not only provides a scope and sequence (while they are using the Holt Algebra 1 text, their materials are not tied to this particular textbook), but also links strong mathematical tasks (developed by the Maryland Algebra Task Force) to each standard covered within a particular unit. They also, and this is really great, have certain lessons where they have attempted to specifically embody lessons that incorporate UDL lesson design principles.

In terms of navigating the site use the Unit 1 link (Unit 2, etc.) in the sidebar to get specific units where tasks and lesson resources are embedded. 

Algebra 1 Curriki


Here is a brief description of their Algebra 1 course:

"This course consists of five units aligned to the Common Core. Each unit culminates in a project that utilizes mastery of conceptual understanding taught in the individual lessons.

Unit 1: Relationships between Quantities and Reasoning with Equations

Unit 2:Linear and Exponential Relationships

Unit 3: Descriptive Statistics

Unit 4: Expressions and Equations

Unit 5: Quadratic Functions and Modeling"


One of the unique things this course offers are the culminating, interactive projects at the each unit (Here is the link to the project at the end of Unit 1).  In addition, this course includes assessments, lesson plans, problems, etc. that can be used by a teacher at their discretion.  All of these resources went under review by Curriki staff and so have a level of rigor and oversight that makes them particularly worth the click.

Mathematics Assessment Project


Here is the overarching goal of this project:

"The project is working to design and develop well-engineered assessment tools to support US schools in implementing the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM)."

This project offers a series of high quality lessons, assessments, and professional development modules that are clearly aligned (alignment explained too) to the common core state standards.  Most of the tasks, even the middle school ones, are extremely useful and powerful tools for the math classroom.  These are truly amazing resources and I have found them to work amazingly in my own classroom.  If you want to know how I am using them in my classroom and why I love them please tweet to me @dgburris.


Three Acts Math and Dan Meyer's Algebra Course


The greatest teacher thinker and blogger in mathematics currently around freely shares to great resources for Algebra 1.  The first is his Three Acts Math Lessons (now about 25 of them), which are aligned to the common core and really capture critical thinking and problem-solving as well as the mathematical sense intended to be capture in the Mathematical Practices.  While many of the lessons are aligned to 7th and 8th Grade standards they are all very relevant for the Algebra 1 classroom.  

The second is his set of slides, videos, and handouts he used (he is now a graduate student at Stanford) when he was teaching Algebra 1.  The link to all of his course documents can be found here.

Yummy Math


A fantastic resource for teachers looking for authentic problem tasks that richly explore mathematical concepts.  These problems are common core aligned and can be searched according to standard.  A fantastic resource from a dedicated educator.


Dana Center Scope and Sequence Algebra 1


The Dana Center in Austin Texas is one of the key developers of the PARCC prototype items. They have released an Algebra 1 scope and sequence as well as Geometry and Algebra 2.  The document while obviously based on the standards is also informed by the PARCC model content frameworks.  It is a very thoughtful development and is also useful document for teachers in SBAC states.

The Dana Center also has a host of resources that are continually being updated at their Common Core Toolbox.

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