Monday, July 30, 2012

Districts working on #commoncore

While this list is not exhaustive, and I hope people will contact me with more examples, there are many districts from across the country thinking through and making available curriculum resources they have developed from the common core state standards. 

Verona Public Schools, NJ

Verona Public Schools is currently undergoing a remapping of their curriculum utitilizing the Understanding By Design framework.  The detailed curriculum maps are impressive and provide a solid thinking through of their curriculum k-12.  The link above provides access to all curricular areas. Below are a few screenshots (one from ELA and one from Math):

Jordan-Granite Consortium, Utah

These two districts have separately and together provided an amazing number of resources in both ELA and Math (with some very compelling work in Mathematics).  While there is an amazing number of resources, I will try to spell out some of the most salient.  The ELA resources are district specific, but the math resources are at both the district and the consortium level (as far as I can tell).  The consortium level work on mathematics contains some really wonderful resources!

Jordan District Link

Here just a few pictures of what you will find with some faithful clicking at the Jordan District links above:

Granite District Link


The Granite District has provided us all curriculum maps in ELA and Math as well as an awesome k-12 vocabulary program (vocabulary cards, implementation strategies, PD, etc.) among other resources. This site seems to be growing so it is a good place to check back to and see what is developing.  The list below is just a sampling of the resources they have put together.

Jordan-Granite Consortium Mathematics

The resources here are constantly expanding, shifting, and improving, but above all else inspiring for districts looking for models of digitizing their curriculm, aligning to common core, and producing quality instructional supports and resources for teachers.  Any 7-12 math teacher should visit this to see what they are doing.

There is so much on these two websites that it is hard to prioritize or even list where to begin.  I encourage people when they visit the Middle School link to go to the tabs for "7th Old" and "8th Old" where they have a complete year of work that is common core aligned/designed and has excellent resources.  If you are overwhelmed, e-mail me and I'll tell you what I found helpful

Middle School Mathematics (7th and 8th--remember to look at 7th old and 8th old!)

Seconday Mathematics (HS)

Oakland Schools, Michigan

Oakland Schools has employed Rubicon International to organize and digitize their curriculum maps k-12 using the common core state standards.  It provides a wonderful architecture to their work as a district and allows for the connection of their scope and seqeunce with instructional resources. When using the filter in the search box select "Common Core" under the school field to only search within the maps for common core or select "Common Core" under the map type field.

Clark County Public Schools Literacy Wiki, Kentucky

As many of you know Kentucky was the lead state in common core implementation and Clark County has established this wiki and shared their work with us all.  The site contains an enormous amount of information and includes lesson plans, assessments, and several types of instructional tools and supports a teacher uses in their day-to-day classes. Here are a bulleted list of some of the components you can find on the website that I found particularly helpful, insightful, or new; however, every page of the wiki is worth a click or two!

Deconstructed Standards (divided by grades and by reading, writing, listening, and speaking)

Middle School On Demand Writing

Middle Schools Language Standard Checklists

Middle School Assessment Blueprints

High School Language Arts Standards Checklists